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Hi, my name is Hans Netten, and I am the founder of The High-Rise Pages.
I studied at Delft University of Technology, and have my masters degree in building science. Currently I work for the Dutch government as an advisor on building-development, -maintenance and -security. The picture above shows me on the former World Trade Center in New York City.

The high-rise pages received a lot of recognition from all over the world:
Below is a list of organizations that awarded, reviewed or recommended The High-Rise Pages. Also have a look at the people I thank for contributing to the success of this website

Yahoo Pick of the Week on october 27, 1997
Recommended by the Paris branch of Microsoft on october 27, 1997
Selected Hot Spot by Wired on november 4, 1997
Selected HotLink by the Dutch branche of Compuserve on november 5, 1997
Awarded Cool Central Site of the Hour on october 28, 1997
Recommended in the Netscape Guide by Yahoo on october 29, 1997
Recommended by The Daily Overlook on october 30, 1997
Recommended by I Hate Computers on october 31, 1997
Recommended by PA NewsCentre on november 3, 1997
Selected Site of the day by Intertex on november 5, 1997
Recommended by Inman News Features on november 4, 1997
Recommended by AYE-net on novermber 7, 1997
Recommended by NRC Handelsblad on novermber 5, 1997
Selected Mac's Pick of the Week on november 5, 1997
Recommended by the virtual reference desk on october 31, 1997
Recommended by Walla Advertising Network on november 5, 1997
Recommended by Reseau Plus Laval on november 5, 1997
Recommended by Virgilio on november 6, 1997
On oktober 28, 29 and 30, 1997, The High-Rise Pages was the best visited personal homepage of the Netherlands according to the polls of Nedstat. On september 12, 2001, the index-page of The High-Rise Pages alone hosted 8016 visitors in 1 single day.

Juergen Friebel, Ed West, Wayne Adams, Benjamin Keft, Stan Stawicki and the kind people from RWC/Siecor, thank you very much for putting time in the high-rise pages.

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