We congratulate the USA and NYC with building the Freedom Tower, possibly the future tallest building in the world!

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Tall over the world
The high-rise pages presents you its online high-rise archive 'Tall over the world' containing links to high-rises in many countries. The phylosophy behind this section is that every country has its own tall structures that can bring people pride and joy. A high-rise doesn't need to be a flashy 1000 feet steel and glass tower to have great importance to the people who work or live in and around it. Therefore this archive is a stage for tall structures anywhere on earth, that are worth mentioning according to the people who surround them.

This archive contains information about and links to high-rises in the following countries:
Australia Canada ChinaEngland Estonia France Germany Hong Kong Indonesia Japan Malaysia The Netherlands New Zealand North-Korea Russia South-Korea Spain USA

Sydney Tower Sydney 309 m (1014 ft.) Tv/tourist tower
Chifley Tower Sydney 244 m (801 ft.) Office building

Name Place Height Use
CN-Tower Toronto 553 m (1814 ft.) Tv/tourist tower
First Canadian Place Toronto 290 m (952 ft.) Office building
Calgary Tower Calgary 190,8 m (626 ft.) Tv-tower
Montreal Tower Montreal 175 m (574 ft.) Tv-tower

Name Place Height Use
Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai 468 m (1535 ft.) Tv-tower
Jin Mao Tower Shanghai 420 m (1378 ft.) Office building
Tianjin Tower Tianjin 415,2 m (1361,9 ft.) Tv-tower
Nanjing Television Tower Nanjing 310,1 m (1017 ft.) Tv-tower

Name Place Height Use
Emley Moor Tv-tower Emley Moor 305 m (1000 ft.) Tv-tower
Canary Wharf Tower London 237 m (777,4 ft.) Office building

Name Place Height Use
Oleviste Church Tallinn 123 m (403 ft.) Church

Name Place Height Use
Eiffel Tower Paris 320,75 m (1052 ft.) Recreational facility

Name Place Height Use
Commerzbank Frankfurt 299 m (981 ft.) Office building
Ulmer Munster Ulm 161,53 m (530 ft.) Church

Hong Kong (October 2005 note: this page was created when Hong Kong still was British territory. Cause of nostalgia I leave it like this)
Name Place Height Use
Bank of China Hong Kong 369 m (1210,3 ft.) Office building

Name Place Height Use
Wisma 46 Tower Jakarta 250 m (820 ft.) Office building

Name Place Height Use
Tokyo Tower Tokyo 333 m (1092 ft.) Tv-tower

Name Place Height Use
Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur 452 m (1483 ft.) Office building
Menara Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur 420,4 m (1379 ft.) Tv-tower

The Netherlands
Name Place Height Use
Gerbrandy Tower Ysselstein 382 m (1253 ft.) Tv-tower
Hemweg Complex Amsterdam 185 m (607 ft.) Industrial complex
Euromast Rotterdam 185 m (607 ft.) Recreational facility
Nationale Nederlanden Rotterdam 150 m (492 ft.) Office building
Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam 139 m (456 ft.) Bridge
Rembrandt Tower Amsterdam 135 m (443 ft.) Office building
Faculty of Medicine Rotterdam 110 m (361 ft.) University building
Weena Tower Rotterdam 106 m (348 ft.) Office/apartment building
Credit Lyonnais Bank Rotterdam 105 m (344 ft.) Office building

New Zealand
Name Place Height Use
Sky Tower Auckland 328 m (1076 ft.) Tv-tower

Name Place Height Use
Ryugyong hotel PyongYang 330 m (1083 ft.) Hotel
Juche Tower PyongYang 170 m (557,6 ft.) Monument

Name Place Height Use
Ostankino Tv-tower Moscow 540 m (1771 ft.) Tv-tower

Name Place Height Use
Seoul Tower Seoul 236 m (774 ft.) Tv-tower

Name Place Height Use
Torre Picasso Madrid 157 m (515 ft.) Office

Name Place Height Use
Sears Tower Chicago 443 m (1453 ft.) Office building
World Trade Center (RIP) New York 417 m (1368 ft.) Office building
Empire State Building 1 2 3 4 5 New York 381 m (1250 ft.) Office building
Stratosphere Las Vegas 350 m (1148 ft.) Recreational facility
Amoco Building Chicago 346 m (1136 ft.) Office building
John Hancock Center Chicago 344 m (1128,3 ft.) Office building
Columbia Seafirst Center Seattle 287 m (941 ft.) Office building
Rockefeller Center 1 2 New York 259 m (850 ft.) Office building
Space needle Seattle 184 m (603,5 ft.) Recreational facility
San Jacinto Monument San Jacinto TX 173,7 m (570 ft.) Monument
Brooklyn Bridge New York ... m (... ft.) Bridge

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